Practice for Dutch Car Theory Exam

When you will be living in The Netherlands, you might want to have a driver’s license. In some cases, your driver’s license is not valid in our country. In other cases, you do not have a license yet but would like to have one.

In this case, you will need to learn the Dutch rules on traffic. As you might already know, our traffic system can be really complex. Because of that reason, it is not easy to pass for the Dutch Car Theory Exam. Only 42 percent of all candidates have passed their theory exam in one time. Therefore, we recommend to learn Dutch car theory exam online. In most cases, it is free. However, we offer some packages for just a small amount of money to get you started.



At first, you will need to know that all the car theory is in Dutch. There are not many books in English that will get you started. When having Dutch friends, of course you could try asking for their help. When you are alone, you might want to use Google Translate when learning the car theory.

To practice the theory, many of our non-Dutch customers used Google Translate or Babelfish to learn and practice the theory needed. The best option for you is to purchase the most right package on the page: and use this e-learning package with Google translate. Many of our customers passed the exam in this way. With every product you can practice up to 3 months.

When purchasing the most right package, you will get more time to study the theory. As a foreigner, you might need this time. Moreover, you will get more explanations on the material, which will make it much easier to understand. When buying the package, you will receive access to our online theory book for 3 months.


You will need Google Translate to understand how the Dutch rules work. Once you think you have managed to learn the theory, you could try to do a free mock Dutch Car Theory Exam. This exam looks a lot like the exam you will get at the CBR, the Dutch instance for driver’s licenses and exams.

The lay-out is the same and also the way questions are asked are mostly the same. After the mock exam, you will get the results: did you pass or fail? Once again, you can try to do as many exams as you want. Also, we will give an indication how many exams you will need in order to pass next time. Once you have passed your mock exam, you can make an appointment for the real exam at CBR.

When making an appointment, you will need to have your Dutch Digital Passport, which is called DigiD. Be sure to apply for one, because you will need it for the portal from CBR, Mijn CBR. Also, please take notice of the waiting times for the exam. You can already notify CBR that you would like to have your exam in English. Of course, you could also take a translator with you at the theory exam.


If you wish to use a translator, you will need to hire one yourself. Only translators that are cooperating at TolkenNet are allowed. Please make sure, when coming to the theory exam, that both you and your translator have their ID’s ready. Without a valid identification you will not be allowed to do your theory exam.

Once you have passed, the result will be valid for 1,5 years. This means, you will need to do your practical exam within 1,5 years after passing your Dutch Car Theory Exam.

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